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Letter: Park Rapids has a fragile aquifer

Wake up Park Rapids! Do you consider your drinking water to be valuable? The commotion with regard to the Keystone Pipeline concerns the Ogallala aquifer. Concerns are that the Keystone puts at risk this large and susceptible aquifer. We here in the Park Rapids area also have a fragile aquifer which is highly susceptible to contamination. Wake up Park Rapids!

Enbridge is proposing a dirty Canada Tar Sands pipeline to be laid in the same corridor as the proposed Bakken Sandpiper pipeline here in Hubbard County. This pipeline would carry as much oil as the Keystone. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have stated concerns for the environmental safety of the Sandpiper route as proposed by Enbridge.

Do we as a community want to step aside and remain silent as Enbridge promotes this “Keystone type” pipeline which would put at risk our aquifers and our pristine and fragile environment?

Enbridge is putting great effort into creating the appearance that this is a done deal, but the decision has yet to be made by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Do not allow our drinking water and pristine natural heritage of Hubbard County to be put at risk. Speak up and take action to protect our water. Friends of Headwaters website offers more information regarding Enbridge Pipeline proposals.

Deanna Johnson

Park Rapids