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Letter: Park Rapids is better off

In a time when we read so much bad news and letters of complaint, I would like to share some good news.

Last Saturday my husband and I went to the Sound of Music at the high school (wonderfully done). At some point, perhaps during one of the many moments of thunderous applause, I lost a bracelet. When I got home and discovered it missing, I figured it was a "goner." Granted, it was worth more in memories than in dollars, but it was silver and onyx. None-the-less, I called the school on Monday, and learned that Dave Niemela, a custodian, found it during cleaning and turned it in.

I just want to thank and honor Dave for "walking the talk" when it comes to his values and beliefs. Thanks, Dave. Park Rapids, the world, is better off because of folks just like you!

Alice Holz

Park Rapids