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Letter: Parents should have choice of school

I just received a slick and glossy flier in my mail about Roger Erickson, candidate for House 2 A, stating his position on private schools and home schooling. He's against them!

Fair enough, but Roger, being a retired educator, should know that the State does not pay for religiously oriented school curriculums, if that's what he means when he speaks against "private schools." However, if Roger is talking about charter schools, then, as an educator he should, at the very least, have done some basic research on charter schools before expressing his opposition to them. Data clearly show that charter school and home schooled students invariably perform as well in standardized tests as do students from our excellent public schools. Really, if he had only done some basic research!

I can't believe Roger is against kids who go to charter schools or are home schooled. I guess he simply doesn't believe in parental choice. And, I do wonder if he's forgotten that former Governor Rudy Perpich was the one who started charter schools in Minnesota?

As a teacher I am all for public schools, but I am also for parents being able to choose.

Fulton Gallagher