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Letter: PACs are not representing us

I'm sincerely dismayed to see the role that super PACs are playing in this election.

The Congressional Leadership Fund and American Action Network are creating ugly, negative ads for print and television. Many of these ads are funded by billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his wife. He's a Nevada casino magnate who wants to buy this election with ads that distort Rick Nolan's voting record and shamelessly lie about Nolan's mainstream priorities. Metro PACs like "Freedom Club" want to ensure reliable legislative votes for their corporate clients in the Twin Cities' area. So they smear John Persell, Roger Erickson and Brita Sailer with some of the same lies.

Maybe you have off-shore accounts in the Cayman Islands. And maybe you really like that tax break you're getting for your private jet. But I don't know anyone in that position in northern Minnesota. When you receive a mailing from the so-called "Freedom Club" or the "Coalition for MN Business" or the "American Action Network," ask yourself, "Whose agenda is being promoted here? Who are these PACs REALLY representing?" Believe me, it's not you or me or anyone we know in rural Minnesota.

Dick Smith

Park Rapids