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Letter: Our students are worth it

In the March 12 edition of the Enterprise, you reported on the proposed anti-bullying bill that is currently in the Minnesota Legislation process. As St. Joseph’s Area Health Services Community Health’s Violence Prevention Coordinator, I commend you for your thoughtful comments.

St. Joseph’s has been working to decrease bullying through a primary prevention grant from our sponsoring partner, Catholic Health Initiatives. Our grant has a core indicator of the percent of all fifth grade students who feel safe at school. While Hubbard County’s statistics are improving, we continue to have 42.5 percent of our students reporting they are made fun or teased in a hurtful way or are excluded from friends and activities within a month’s time.

We hope Minnesota’s lawmakers support teachers and students dealing with bullying, both as someone being bullied and for those who bully. Aren’t our students worth it?

Cleo Hartung

St. Joseph’s Community Health

Violence Prevention Coordinator