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Letter: Other tragedy exists near Tucson, Ariz.

I guess the shooting in Tucson is only a reminder of the sadness to many that one person can cause. Yet hardly anything is ever said in comparison about the despair that exists within 100 miles of Tucson, Ariz.

A little girl and five others were killed in Tucson. Several more were wounded yet in the past year hundreds were killed, hundreds were maimed in torture and many beheaded in Mexico to the south, little reference made to those shooters. Nothing reported about the politicians on both sides of the border who turn a blind eye to the carnage that drugs cause on both sides. That includes the personal carnage in the lives of millions of users caused by drug trafficking.

Besides drug murders, there is the waste caused by broken families, the physical pain and often death caused to the user, the financial drain it causes on all of us in the country and the children that live a shattered childhood.

Instead of praising and vigorously supporting those in the clergy, law enforcement and social workers who do the best they can to protect us, the big media gets all excited over one man's political renewal. That doesn't bring back a parent butchered in Mexico. It doesn't heal the wounds of the child from an addict's family here.

Since bullets from a gun caused the pain in Tucson some will try to ban gun ownership. Instead of banning the civil liberties of stable, trained and law abiding people maybe we should enforce the ban on ownership of guns by the unstable and felons.

As far as the tragedy and despair that takes place within 100 miles of Tucson on both sides of the border, maybe we better recognize the urgency of that. Or do we turn a political blind eye and let the carnage continue?

Bob Thompson

Pelican Rapids