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Letter: Opposed to Enbridge pipeline

We have been at our lake home of 48 years for a week now this season and the magic of sitting on the deck listening to the quiet, watching the birds and the charming lake has set in. But I sense an ominous threat to this experience. 

The Enbridge pipeline proposes to bury two pipelines almost in my backyard. All seems fine now, but within two years this could change for me and all of us who live in this area of pristine lakes and woods. Let’s not let this happen. We have a voice. Let’s use it. Study this issue and voice your concerns before it is too late.

Friends of the Headwaters can be our resource to learn from and to make a difference. The more of us who try to change Enbridge’s planned route, the better chance we have. The serene beauty of our area could be lost to us.

Joyce Alwin

Palmer Lake