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Letter: Oberstar's district pro-life

According to a Susan B. Anthony List survey, 74 percent of voters in the 8th District oppose taxpayer funding of abortions in the healthcare reform bill. In addition, 56 percent of voters also said that they would be less likely to vote for Oberstar in November if he supported healthcare with abortion funding. However, Oberstar voted, "yes" to healthcare reform with abortion language intact before Rep. Bart Stupak caved in to voting "yes" based upon Obama's executive order. The National Right to Life Committee revealed that abortions would have been funded under a $160 million Pennsylvania program, a fact that contradicted the assurances of Oberstar that abortions would not be funded under the federal healthcare law. Abortion funding was subsequently removed in Pennsylvania based only on Obama's executive order and that executive order can be changed at the simple stroke of a pen.

Thus, Oberstar voted "yes" for a healthcare bill that would have made abortion funding legal, barring the executive order. Oberstar puts politics over principle. It is time to make a change in District 8 this November. Let's show Oberstar that facts trump his political rhetoric by voting him out of office.

Marlene Rowe

Grand Rapids