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Letter: Obama is a rhetorical president

This is in response to the recent two letters to the editor regarding what Mr. Purrier defines as privatization and government provided health care.

He defines privatization as the private sector doing what a more capable government should be doing. He cites Halliburton as an example and alleges the Iraq war was conducted only to benefit Halliburton. He fails to mention that President Bush had approval from the U.N. and Congress to use military force against Iraq. He also fails to mention that many members of his political party agreed that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Halliburton, a capable company, did provide some services that the military provided for themselves in previous wars, but they also provided services the military could not provide such as getting the oil fields in production, If Halliburton did make a financial billing in Iraq it was probably because of inadequate direction and oversight by the Pentagon.

In desperation to defend Obamacare, Mr. Purrier blames Republican governors for the Obamacare fiasco. He doesn’t mention that the Obama administration wasn’t capable of installing a website to implement Obamacare so they hired a Canadian firm with questionable capability for the job and we all know how successful that is, nor did he mention anything about the extravagant cost and who may be making a billing in the process, probably because of inadequate direction and oversight by Obama and his staff.

Mr. Purrier supports a partnership between all levels of government and the private sector to establish a thriving economy. Bailing out the financial institutions, banks, General Motors and Chrysler is an example of partnership. These cost a bundle of taxpayer money and our economy is not thriving.

Obamacare is another form of partnership with health insurance companies. Who is benefiting from this partnership? I believe the insurance companies initially thought they would but now are having a change of mind. The people and medical professionals are not benefitting.

Mr. Purrier says government must provide what individuals cannot do themselves. What’s omitted is that the constitution defines and limits this authority and responsibility. When Mr. Purrier references the preamble to the Constitution statement, “promote the general welfare,” he infers it means “provide the general welfare.” There is a big difference.

It’s obvious Mr. Purrier believes in government involvement in our lives, our economy, freedom, welfare and free enterprise system will put a smile on everyone’s face. A socialistic form of government has been tried in other countries and has failed because there is no incentive for the makers to continue providing for the takers.

The people’s approval ratings of all levels of government are decreasing because people are “mad as hell” about Obamacare, the economy, stagnant wages, unemployment, Presidential lies and admitted ignorance, inept leadership, lack of accountability and honesty and polarization.

President Obama is an example of a pithy saying, “It isn’t what you know, it’s what people think you know that’s important.” He is a rhetorical president who has convinced many people to think he knows but are now finding otherwise.

Arnold Leshovsky