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Letter: Obama is the great divider

Unlike American Presidents that unify America Obama divides. Democrats see people in groups, old, black, poor, rich and set up conflicts amongst them. Hope and change means hope for those that don't wish to work and change means dismantling a Republic, replacing it with progressivism.

Progressives need enemies so create them in the form of banks, drug, insurance and oil companies. They humanize their enemies list with Gingriches, Limbaughs and the Supreme Court. They inflame the base with issues that have racial overtones. The current issue is the attack on Arizona for upholding federal law which wasn't done by the White House. They also criticize the law without reading it. They used a parliamentary procedure, called reconciliation, with 2/3 of the American voters opposed. The Arizona law criticism is not over racial profiling but rather future vote gathering. Obama is at war with the American people and the recent elections are his payback. We know why he doesn't have press conferences. He doesn't like the questions. He opts for town halls and teleprompter speeches.

California is the state poster child for economic unresponsibility. Minnesota per capita indebtedness exceeds California. Congressman Oberstar voted for health care. He is very comfortable with his labor unions, professional and trade will support his decisions and he recklessly added generational indebtedness by 17 percent to our federal budget. It is no wonder that Sarah Palin is a nightmare to the "feminists" and "now gang" just as the Tea Party is to liberals such as Oberstar. This nation cannot sustain itself when our borders are porous, allies are trampled on, military withdrawal is dated but expected to win.

The cheap labor from Mexico is the most expensive labor of any immigrant group ever. They pay no taxes, receive full medical treatment, housing and education for their children, multi-lingual instructors and greater police and border protection. That doesn't even include the drug trafficking.

The November vote will be the most important of your lifetime. This current group of politicos representing us must go. That is how we re-claim this country that has been seized from us.

Jack Schultz

Park Rapids