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Letter: Note on vehicle won't change views

My wife and I had breakfast in Emmaville Friday morning, July 20, at about 9 a.m. Upon leaving I found the below note tucked under my windshield wiper, on a strip of paper about an inch and a half wide and 8 and a half inches long.

"Dear Friend:

Some unknown socialist put an Obama bumper sticker on your car. I'm letting you know so that you can remove it before it causes you any further embarrassment."

First of all, I want this person to know that I am not your friend. Second, this is a severe intrusion on my constitutional rights. Third, I take it as a threat ... "Remove it before it causes you any further embarrassment?" What does this person mean? Key my vehicle? Injury to me or my wife?

No doubt this person has a number of "threat strips" in his or her pocket ready for mischief. I ask all citizens who may witness this person's actions to record it in some way or another and report it to law enforcement.

I want this miscreant to know that I spent almost 23 years of Air Force service to this wonderful country to fight for rights that we have as citizens ... even this stupid person's rights. I will not give up my rights for you or anyone nor bend to any threat no matter of what magnitude.

William Medellin,

Lt. Col., USAF-Ret.

Park Rapids