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Letter: Not looking forward to race

Just read the article about the snowmobile race in the Saturday, Feb. 23 Enterprise.

I had no idea they planned on running the race on County 4. I happen to live along the route and do not look forword to all the noise and traffic next Sunday. My driveway will be a mess before they are done. After 7 hours of the noise they will make sure I have a pretty good headache. Having this race going on from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on a Sunday is not what I would call "thrilling entertainment."

I have to wonder if anyone on the Hubbard County Board that gave its blessing and encouragement, lives along the race route and will also have to endure the noise for 7 hours next Sunday? When the County Commissioners ran for office they contacted us, but not when they approved a 7 hour snowmobile race in our front yard.

David H. Sanson

Park Rapids