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Letter: Not in favor of new pipeline proposal

I agree with the letters that have been written concerning the opposition to the proposed Enbridge pipe line that will come across my property. No, I am not in favor of it paralleling Koch pipe line. They will open another 200 feet for 1/2 mile. If I wanted to live on a prairie, I would have moved to a prairie.

Koch now has four pipes going through my property and they are continually sending their “pig” thru the lines. If that little “piggy” finds any flaw in the pipe they will come and dig to uncover the pipe. They then put a “band-aid” clamp on the line. In the past four years they have dug 7 or 8 times on my property. They do not put black dirt on the top of the fill, just plain old sand.

Like one writer said, let them go through Canada!

Frank Mitchell

Park Rapids