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Letter: Northwest Minnesota T.E.A. Party rally

When the first T.E.A. Party rally was organized, it was to give ourselves and the public a way to vent growing frustration at the massive spending bills coming out of Washington D.C. Now, what has been happening in American goverment has gone way beyond massive spending bills. The Progressives are masters at masking their social justice radicalism, most recently under the guise of "merit selection."

Though people may not know his background, most have probably heard of George Soros. Well, Mr. Soros has recently donated forty-five million dollars to a highly-coordinated, and now well-funded campaign, which has been underway for over 10 years. Their goal? To fundamentally alter the composition of America's state courts to exclude conservative, rule-of-law judges from the bench.

Quoting from the American Justice Partnership, "This multi-million dollar campaign to reshape our courts encompasses efforts to revise state constitutions, rewrite judicial recusal rules, abolish democratic judicial elections, and impose a judicial selection system that will transfer power from the people to a small, unelected and unaccountable commission comprised primarily of legal elites, typically representing powerful special interest groups, such as state trial lawyers associations."

In short, this means 'We the People' will no longer elect our judges. We cannot take this lying down.

The Northwest Minnesota T.E.A. Party Patriots invite everyone to a Judicial Candidate Forum, Friday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. at Lincoln High School in Thief River Falls. Though certainly not as well funded as the George Soros Progressives, we have been doing everything we can to educate people about the sweeping changes in our government, most recently the 'merit selection' of our judiciary. Join us as Tim Tingelstad, Greg Wersal and Dan Griffith explain how these changes, if enacted, will change America's judicial selection forever.

Barb Chervestad

NW MN T.E.A. Party Patriots