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Letter: No vote a way to end bigotry

Mary Schiebe implies in her letter to the editor that the U.S. is a country that has not had signs of bigotry for its existence of over 200 years.  That is hardly a true fact and if she studied U.S. history she would find countless incidents of bigotry.  Let me use a few examples to explain.

1.  When the Constitution was written women were excluded from receiving any rights that were guaranteed to men - is this not bigotry?

2.  The first immigration laws written in this country were designed to either stop or slow down the immigration of Asians, Jews, and Catholics - is this not bigotry?

3.  American citizens of Japanese ancestry were put into internment camps during World War II - is this not bigotry?

4.  Black Americans were given second class citizenship through Jim Crow Laws, still in effect even in the 1960s, in many southern states even though the U.S. Constitution had been amended to provide full legal rights - is this not bigotry?

5.  Native Americans were systematically denied their rights - is this not bigotry?

6.  Too many Americans believe that every person of Hispanic heritage must be an illegal alien - is this not bigotry?

As far as raising children is concerned, true research shows that family stability plays the greatest role in child rearing.  The research Mary Schiebe notes is not acccurate because it used flawed methods of research according to social scientists who have reviewed it and did not directly deal with the individuals who were raised in long-term, same sex relationships as part of the study.  Would it be fair to use as research subjects only those who have been in volatile, high conflict, heterosexual families as subjects?  Is it not bigotry to publish research paid for by conservative leaning foundations that did not use accepted methodology and then use these findings as a true fact?

Our nation's history is full of times when citizens who are in a minority are reaching for the same rights that the majority enjoys.  A no vote on the Marriage Amendment is a way to end bigotry against one of America's minorities.  It is why I will vote no on the Marriage Amendment.

Bob Schissel

Park Rapids