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Letter: 'Never mind' not good enough indeed

Some months ago, elected officials finally passed a healthcare reform bill in this country. A large majority of the American people wanted all of our citizens to have access to and be able to afford healthcare. A step in that direction has been made. Now that some of the provisions are going into effect, such as the inability of insurance companies to drop or deny coverage for children, the popularity of the bill will increase.

The automatic attack of "big government" regurgitated over and over by the right is growing tiresome. It places way too much faith in the huge bureaucracies of private insurance companies and other moneyed interests whose primary focus is profit. Talk about a "big and controlling" system that limits care and wastes our money. One of the provisions of the health care plan the insurance industry really fears, is the requirement to spend 85 cents on the dollar for patient care. Imagine that. Whether a system is public or private, it should foster innovation, be efficient and deliver measurably superior results. Our current system fails to meet these standards, and the consumers have no way to hold the companies to account, so the market does not function.

Even the most expensive Cadillac policies have as their primary incentive denying, delaying or dropping coverage. And even if you can afford the best plan for yourself and your family (and more accountability) will continue to administer the insurance for those under 65 and non-military. The government will continue to administer Medicare, VA and military plans. The reforms could have been more powerful and applied more quickly, but I am grateful that we are beginning to address the inequity and inefficiencies in our current system.

Aaron Kjenaas

Park Rapids