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Letter: My friend Barney won't run anymore

I went to the Ark Animal hospital today to see my friend Barney. Barney "was" a year and a half old puppy and the ring leader of what once "was" a three dog family.

Unfortunately, they had to pull Barney out of a freezer and cover his body with towels in hopes of keeping me from getting sick although those efforts failed. Monday afternoon at about 5:30 while I was out of town someone driving a grey truck pulling a gas tank on a trailer hit and killed my friend.

According to the vet Barney had no chance and had to be put to sleep. Once again, according to the vet, the vehicle was traveling over 60 miles per hour down our dirt road when they killed my friend. Barney will be cremated because there's not enough left of him to bury. My wife witnessed the truck speeding away and did her best to get him to the vet in time but it was too late.

We have $200 in vet bills and we lost a dear friend. I hope you got to where you were going on time because it must have been important. The massive pool of blood in front of our mailbox will serve as a constant reminder of Barney. My wife and I thank you for that. I know Barney shouldn't have been in the road, but don't worry, he never will be again.

Jon Koester

Park Rapids