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Letter: Missing the Henrietta Mall

I just went to the junkyard to look for Fairy Garden stuff (i.e. small tile chips for garden paths).

I was dismayed they no longer allow “scrounging” at the Hubbard County Transfer Station. I call it recycling, re-purposing. I thought that letting the public look for still-usable items was always an eco-friendly policy. In the past I have found swing sets, grill parts, bikes and parts for my grandchildren, furniture that was perfectly fine but previous owners disliked, livestock feeders, bird house/feeder materials. I also built a hunting shack, used fencing posts, flower planters and the list goes on and on.

Now all this stuff is going to be burned, buried, crushed and pollute our planet. What a shame. If these items were not taken to a thrift store previously because their owners didn’t want to take the time, does anyone think they will do it now? Henrietta Mall I will miss you!

Dianne Wylie

Park Rapids