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Letter: Menahga already has higher taxes

A little bit about taxes. The following data is from the Minnesota House of Representative’s website’s property tax look-up. It appears the data doesn’t include special assessments which would considerably raise Menahga taxes in comparisons even more. The following assume a $150,000 residential homestead for 2013.

Taxes in Menahga are $2,593, Blueberry Township $1,837, Park Rapids $1,814, Hubbard Township $1,060, Alexandria (with their $64 million school) $1,651, Audubon city $2,241, Audubon township $1,236 (with their new high school). The reason I wanted to point this out is some people don’t realize how high taxes already are in Menahga, which is also an economically depressed area. If you pay low taxes to start with it would be much easier to accept an additional increase with the proposed referendum from the Menahga School. It would be interesting to know how many of the school staff live and pay taxes in the district that pays them. Depending on which direction you go substantial property tax savings can be had.

There have been comments at the public meetings in regards to our CM and the importance of supporting local businesses. That’s a fine talking point but seldom followed. The next time you’re out buying groceries in PR, ask yourself why you’re not supporting local. Or on those trips to the big box stores, much of that is also available locally. If you’re going to talk the talk you need to walk the walk. Many people need to make every dollar stretch a little more yet others don’t even realize a problem exists. When a public board spends tax payers dollars they can’t simply pick and choose but use a system of bids and quotes to ensure getting the best value for the least amount.

The promise of state aid in the amount of $8.6 million is presented by the district like it is guaranteed yet when questioned about it, our financial expert confirmed that this is predicted using today’s figures extended over a 19 year span. The fact is this aid can change annually. If you can afford higher taxes be thankful but why force it on others? Maybe consider a donation to the school building fund. Vote “no” and insist on affordable options and alternatives.

Jon Kangas

Menahga School Board member