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Letter: Mayor Nancy Carroll builds community

The class of 1972 had our 40th year class reunion in Park Rapids this summer. As we were sitting around the campfire in the evening, we talked about our hometown.

"Look at all the businesses on Main street." "Hey, we have a new water tower." "My parents don't have to leave their water running all winter." "We can make a left turn on Highway 34."

Our city government has worked on everything from infrastructure to Christmas trees, and has made our community a better place to live. Kids who grew up here are proud to say that Park Rapids is their hometown.

Mayor Nancy Carroll has been a big part of our success. She has the ability and the commitment to continue to build our community. Park Rapids is thriving. Nancy brings people and groups together to collaborate and cooperate for our progress. I urge you to reelect Mayor Carroll this November.

Kathy Skoe Tande

Park Rapids