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Letter: Make sure Highway 34 project happens

Highway 34 between Akeley and Park Rapids is the only viable road between these two cities. Every summer it becomes a bumper to bumper racetrack with the locals, tourists and the semi-trucks bringing "stuff" to supply them.

Currently, this section of Highway 34 is a cracked, crumbling, pothole infested, third world cow trail that Lynn Eaton's Bemidji MnDOT district kingdom has done its very best to ignore for the last 30 years. With dirt shoulders right up to the fog line it hasn't been improved since the 1940s. Get within 500 yards of a semi truck and it will throw rocks and dirt into both lanes for a quarter mile.

Recently, MnDOT snuck into Nevis looking for excuses to postpone re-surfacing Highway 34 for the "third" time. Most people never knew they were here. They like it like that! No public interest - let's postpone it again.

Make sure they don't do it to us again. Call 800-657-3774. Select option 4 and insist on speaking to MnDOT Commissioner Tom Sorel or leave him a message of how unhappy you will be if he allows it to be postponed again.

Ron Lindahl