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Letter: Lies, lies and more lies

On Jan. 22, Governor Dayton proposed, without any detail, massive new additional business to business sales taxes, after allegedly gathering input during the past year from the business community. Who did he talk to?

On Jan. 24, after uproar and many questions as what was and was not going to be taxed the Department of Revenue issued a detailed list.

On March 14, after two months of criticism the Governor changed his mind and said he was exempting farm machinery repair from his proposed business sales tax.

On April 23, the money hungry Senate Democrats paid no attention to the criticism or the fact that Governor Dayton had agreed to drop the sales tax on farm equipment repair and they even expanded the list.   

In May Governor Dayton signed the tax bill including the farm equipment repair tax.

In July and August Dayton first blamed Legislative staff for a drafting error for including the farm machinery repair tax in the bill.  Then when that didn’t fly he blamed House and Senate Democrat leaders, saying the provision was “snuck” into the bill.

On Aug. 8, Dayton again caved in to the farmers while at Farmfest and reverses himself, saying he would consider repealing the farm equipment repair tax during the special session.

On Aug. 21, after the close of the special session Dayton said, “I’m personally disappointed that the repeal of the farm equipment repair is not part of the agreement,” yet he signed the bill.  Don’t Governor Dayton and the Democrats realize more taxes are going to hurt Minnesota, and drive more business out of the State?

To top it all off, Roger Erickson District 2A Representative’s letter to the editor in the Sept. 11 Enterprise blamed the Republicans for not wanting to repeal the new taxes.  The truth of the matter is 47 bills were introduced in the Special Session with bipartisan support to undo a slew of business damaging tax increases signed into law during the last legislative session.  The Democrat leadership would not consider any of these bills. When the Democrats control the House, Senate and the Governor’s office, just how can you, Roger Erickson, truthfully blame Republicans for being the problem?  We need honest persons in Government, not another Pinocchio.  We already have one in the White House.

Richard Bogaard