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Letter: Liberal decisions stifling freedom

How trustworthy, honest, concerned, transparent and thoughtful is President Obama?

He has publically stated numerous times that he was ignorant of Fast and Furious, about the Benghazi attack resulting in the killing of four U.S. citizens; about the IRS episode with the Tea Party nonprofit applications; about the NSA snooping on American citizens; and most recently the fiasco regarding implementation of Obamacare.

He expressed his ignorance of each incident after the fact, however, in each case he stated there would be a thorough investigation as to why and how they happened and appropriate action taken regarding the people responsible. To my knowledge not one person of authority has been held accountable.

Our president sets himself above all these incidents. He takes no responsibility for them but says he’s working diligently to make corrections but there’s always someone or something obstructing his efforts. He blamed President Bush for his problems during his first term and now he blames the Republicans and more recently the Tea Party groups and the insurance companies for shutting down the government and cancellation of health insurance policies, respectively. Obama is a very inept leader, in my opinion.

We don’t know what the medical profession’s reaction is going to be when Obamacare is enacted next year. We are hearing a little about doctors not accepting patients covered by government plans. We’re also getting some information about unwanted coverage and increases in premium, deductible and co-pay costs.

In my opinion, our president and liberal supporters have a goal and that goal is to create a socialistic form of government in our country. One huge move in that direction is to have a government-run medical system. Partner shipping with private business is another move in that direction as they are doing with the health insurance industry under Obamacare.

Also, due to changing qualifying standards, the number of people receiving some form of government assistance has doubled in recent years. These movements combined give government tremendous control over people’s lives and creates a dependency which stifles freedom, self-sufficiency, independence, initiative and self-reliance resulting in a stagnant economy and high unemployment.

The Tea Party and conservatives are trying to warn us of the liberal movement but get ridiculed.

It’s incumbent upon us, as citizens, to become informed and vote knowledgably, not emotionally, for our government leaders and representatives.

Arnold Leshovsky