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Letter: Letter misrepresents my column's position

I read with some interest Mr. Leshovsky's letter regarding my commentary recently published in the Enterprise. I did not expect him to agree with my positions but did expect a more accurate and perceptive response. He claims I made many misleading statements but chose two to illustrate.

First, he misinterprets my statement that one reason Minnesota ranks high in taxes paid is due to higher average income. If you make more, you pay more. He concludes this is not true, because several states are financially challenged. This response makes no sense because it does not address the position and uses a strawman argument instead. In support of his argument regarding taxes, he cites a registered lobby group. There is no reasoning provided for his jump in logic. In addition, I never claimed, as he charged, that California or any state was "financially flush with a surplus of money and low unemployment." That claim is a complete fabrication on his part. (It is interesting however, that Lockheed, which is removing 1000 jobs from Eagan, is taking them to areas with equal or higher taxes.)

Second, in discussing food and medical care, he concludes, consumers "do, however, have a right to expect a good product." That is exactly what I said in my comments. In addition, I never said, "freedom and liberty should be controlled." That is his creation.

His final inference is that I blamed several other sources for the losses in the last elections. My article was written and submitted more than a week before the election. I therefore never mentioned any "blame" for the election results. When writing a letter about common sense, as he did, one would expect more accuracy than this.

Norm Leistikow

Park Rapids