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Letter: Let your voice be heard

The upcoming election in November will have a major impact on the economic future and well being for all Americans. Economic growth, jobs, national defense, foreign trade, government spending levels and the exploding national debt ($16 trillion and growing) are only a few of the major economic issues that must be addressed by our newly elected political leaders. The proposed policies for dealing with these issues by each of the major parties stand in sharp contrast.

President Obama and his Congressional team propose to continue their failed policies of expanding the federal government, massive deficit spending, higher taxes, increased public sector employment and a major push toward increased control and central government socialism.

In contrast, Governor Romney proposes to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, lower tax rates and reform "loopholes," expand economic growth and jobs within the private sector and unleash the "free enterprise system" by lowering corporate tax rates and unnecessary regulations. He plans to bring manufacturing jobs back to America by replacing "free" trade agreements with" "fair" trade agreements that correct the current imbalance with nations like China.

Governor Romney also proposes a 10-year plan to reduce the federal debt through increased GDP growth and a reduction in federal spending levels. He rejects a "socialistic" form of government in favor of a healthy private sector, "free enterprise system" to sustain economic growth and job creation.

In contrast to Obama's lack of "private sector" experience and/or "leadership" success, Romney has a proven track record of leadership success in both the private and public sectors. He also has a proven record of reaching "across the aisle" to achieve Legislative actions that benefit all people across party lines.

Your voice is important! Do you favor four more years of failed policies and a continued push towards a "cradle to grave" dependency on "big government"? Or, as many believe, is it time for a change to new, experienced leadership that can restore confidence and vitality within our economic system and sustain growth for future generations? Let your voice be heard in November.

A.L. Kleinke