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Letter: Lakes represent love of outdoors

I read with great interest the Enterprise articles of Dec. 11 and 29 concerning the COLA lawsuit against Hubbard County and its variance board.

Our family has been fortunate to have owned property and enjoyed the clean lakes in Hubbard County since 1977. This time has given us an appreciation for the outdoors and the many recreational opportunities available in this part of Minnesota. Potato Lake has become a part of our family history. Sometimes we get so mired in our own little lives that we lose a larger perspective - a longer view toward preserving what we love.

I appreciate and support the work of the Hubbard County COLA. Caring for the environment and protecting our lakes should be a value that we all share. COLA's leadership and effort are just what is needed to keep our focus on the beautiful natural resources of Hubbard County.

Our county leaders have sometimes been overly accommodating on Shoreline Management decisions that impact our lakes. The Shoreline Management Ordinance was put into place to preserve and enhance the quality of surface waters, preserve the economic and natural environmental values of shore lands and provide for the wise use of waters. These laws are intended to be enforced fairly and consistently for everyone.

I also support the judge's decision that the county must provide information and documents related to this case. The government needs to be open and transparent when serving the public.

The lakes of Minnesota belong to everyone, not just the shore land owners and we all have a great fondness for them. May we Minnesotans never forget that pristine northern lakes represent our abiding love of the great outdoors and all its natural beauty.

Tony Platz

Park Rapids