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Letter: La Salle Lake for all to enjoy

Kudos to the Hubbard County Commissioners who have made a commitment to preserve and protect the La Salle Lake area for the benefit of all to enjoy. On Dec. 1, the Hubbard County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution supporting The Trust for Public Land's effort to acquire the nearly 1,000 acre La Salle Lake property for conveyance to the Minnesota DNR. The Commissioners demonstrated that they care about La Salle Lake for its own sake and that protecting this wonderful resource was the appropriate action for Hubbard County. I would like to thank the County Commissioners for their vision of the future and their leadership in conserving this beautiful resource for present and future generations.

I further commend the commissioners for recognizing the value that La Salle Lake can offer to the economic, recreational and conservation opportunities of Fern Township and Hubbard County. The La Salle Lake acquisition will promote tourism in our county and will be a great asset for current Hubbard County residents.

The commissioners have protected a crucial landmark in this important conservation effort. This property includes a deep, pristine lake, access to the Mississippi watershed and is surrounded by a wilderness with unspoiled wildlife habitat and beauty. The La Salle Lake property is worthy of protection for all to enjoy.

I would like to express my appreciation to Bob McGillivray with The Trust for Public Land and Mike Carroll, Doug Kingsley and Blane Klemek with the Minnesota DNR who partnered with Hubbard County and Fern Township to achieve this significant milestone toward the acquisition of the La Salle Lake property.

Our gratitude goes out to the Fern Township Board of Supervisors and the more than 60 people who attended the Fern Township informational meeting to express their concerns and support for the La Salle Lake proposal. It was truly a remarkable grass roots town hall meeting with the residents of Fern Township.

Dan Kittilson

President, Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations