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Letter: Klobuchar reaches across the aisle

So Amy Klobochar does not deserve re-election?  At least according to so much extremely partisan hooey.

Amy is one of the few people in Congress with a very high approval rating among the majority of her constituents.  To accuse her of being the most liberal of people in Congress is such a stretch that it really doesn't deserve much attention, and the record of her legislation proves it.  She is one of the most likely to reach across the aisle to get something done for average Americans.  She even worked with Michelle Bachmann to drive the bill for the new Stillwater bridge.

How can anyone with an objective bone in his body or cell in his brain call her ultra-partisan? Well, some say Klobochar is guilty of following the leadership of President Obama.  Duh, really?  In fact, she's not nearly as lemming-like as the almost entirely lock-step parade of congressional members in the current Republican Party.  Does she agree, for instance, with Mitt Romney's tax proposal that would primarily boost the incomes of the wealthiest tax payers, according to a nonpartisan tax group analysis?

Of course not because according to the centrist Tax Policy Center, Romney's cuts would increase the incomes of those earning more than a million a year 4.1 percent, while reducing the after-tax income of those earning less than $200,000 by an average of 1.2 percent.  Of course, the group doing the study is a centrist group so in a party that has virtually eliminated moderates of any kind from its congressional ranks, anyone who is not falling over the edge to the right is too liberal. Why is our Congress so dysfunctional?  As a moderate I believe the extreme voices on both sides of the aisle have far too much clout, leading inevitably to the stultifying gridlock that resulted in lowering America's credit rating.  If anything, we need more people there with at least half an open mind in Congress.  The more like Amy, the better for all of us.

Greg Van Hee