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Letter: Jim Weinzierl will be missed as referee

Thanks to Vance Carlson for the great feature on Jim Weinzierl and sons. I have known Jim since 1986 through my roles as AD, coach and basketball fan. He is the consummate professional, official and gentleman – always.

In the 40-plus years in and around the game, I have never met a better referee, and there have been some great ones. Two episodes come quickly to mind:

In the first, his partner had made an obviously incorrect ruling on the number of free throws awarded based on the shooting status of the fouled player. Jim calmly asked him, “Are you sure that’s the way you want to call it?” He spared embarrassment to his colleague, who missed the chance to correct an error. How kindly he communicated in the heat of the game.

On the other occasion, as he went by the bench I “suggested” a player of ours had been fouled with no call following. His response: “Did we miss one?” What a great answer!

As Jim reduces the number of games he works, many of us will be the poorer as players, coaches and fans. Thank you, Jim, for giving so much to the game many of us love.

Rich Perrine

Park Rapids