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Letter: It's time to replace the 'tax and spend' liberals

In a recent newspaper article, State Senator Mary Olson (DFL - Bemidji) criticized her GOP challenger for being a member and state officer of the Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors while running for public office. This self serving criticism is unwarranted and hypocritical. This organization is a professional association of insurance agents that advocates for high ethical standards and better products and services for insurance clients. It is not compromised or financed by insurance companies. If Mary Olson is so concerned about belonging to this type of professional organization, why isn't she screaming about her fellow lawyers who are members of the Minnesota Bar Association while serving in the state legislature?

Olson claims she wants the campaign to address "the issues." Good, the issues are a $6 billion state budget deficit, out of control state spending, exorbitantly high tax rates on both individuals and small businesses and a loss of private sector jobs due to a hostile business tax environment.

Let's examine the record. After being elected, Olson's first official act was to join fellow Democrats in giving themselves a 45 percent per diem pay increase to $96 a day. During the 2009 session, Olson recorded "anti taxpayer" votes on 12 out of 14 bills as reported by the Taxpayers League of Minnesota. Despite the state's budget problems, Olson has voted to increase government spending by nearly $1 billion in unnecessary new projects. Equally alarming, Olson has voted to raise taxes by almost $1 billion. She also voted to raise taxes on job-creating businesses, another job killer.

Northern Minnesota deserves better. We need lower taxes, more business investment and decent paying jobs. You be the judge. Let your voice be heard on Election Day in November. It is time to replace the "tax and spend" liberals with common sense candidates who possess first-hand experience at creating private sector jobs.

A.L. Kleinke