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Letter: It’s time to get involved

Feb. 4 is the beginning of the 2014 political season! I encourage everyone to attend your local precinct caucus starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4. Our precinct caucuses are the grassroots level of the political process. Caucuses are where local voters start to formulate their party platforms and choose delegates and alternates to their party conventions. Straw poll votes for Governor and U.S. Senator will also be conducted at the GOP caucuses.

If you are not sure which party represents your personal values and political desires, or you would like a refresher on what the parties stand for, I would invite you to read each party’s platform. The platform is the “Guide Book” to direct our elected officials when they represent their respective parties at the state and federal levels of government. The following web addresses will get you to the party platforms. Minnesota GOP platform, and the Minnesota DFL Platform,

After reading each platform and deciding which party represents your personal values, please attend your local precinct caucus and be a participant in the political process. We have to start with participation at the local level to have a chance to influence the higher levels of government. See you Tuesday.

Paul Utke

Park Rapids