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Letter: Information came mostly from school

To those of you who say I'm speaking lies and hate about the school, I'm sorry, it's not meant that way. The truth can be hard to accept sometimes. Apparently you have not paid much attention to the message I've been trying to get out over the last 10 months. I get most of my information directly from the school and the state of Minnesota. If the information is not correct I did my best. But beware, just because someone said it, or you read it in the paper doesn't mean it's so. Seek the truth yourself.

In reply to superintendent Mary Klamm's letter in the paper Saturday, below average is below average, not acceptable. What does Minnesota's ranking in the U.S. have to do with it? But if you want to go down that road, let's take a look at how miserably low the US has fallen when compared with other countries academic standings. It's not good. Our children deserve better. The system is failing.

Another touchy issue is compensation packages (vs. student needs). In 2000 we were made aware of the ADA problems. Nothing has been fixed over all this time but compensation increases have added up to $1.5 million per year with a total accumulative cost to the district of $10.5 million by the end of the current contract. This is only for the certified teachers, not the administration and non certified staff. This is above and beyond what was paid in 2000 (average $42,309 then $64,398 now). I don't blame anyone for wanting a raise but what about the children? Shouldn't their needs be considered first? Think of the programs we could have offered with that kind of money. I have contacted the governor's office and the Minnesota Department of Education and have been told that general funds can be used to fix ADA problems. This is contrary to the answers I have gotten from the administration and some board members in the past.

Maybe I'm wrong on some facts and if I am its not intentional, show me and I'll try correcting it. Join me and vote no Aug. 10.

Jon Kangas

Blueberry Township