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Letter: Howes endorses Chris Thompson

As state representative, I've spent a lot of time working on public safety issues and with the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. These are the men and women who hold all our safety in their hands at their own peril, true and dedicated public servants.

During each election cycle, my wife and I are regularly asked, "Who should we vote for (for any and all offices)?" Publicly endorsing someone is something I don't take lightly. The election for Cass County sheriff is no exception. I'm proudly supporting Chris Thompson.

One of my main reasons is his leadership qualities. Just one example is shown by his peers choosing him leader of the SWAT team. He is a proven leader that others want to follow. What even impressed me more is when I went to one of his meet and greets and his children were helping out. They were polite, friendly and willing helpers. That speaks loudly about a man.

Thompson understands the job and the responsibilities. It's not just the law, but how the officers present themselves to the public and lead by example. He also understands the budget issues facing the department and presents a plan the taxpayers can afford. Chris Thompson will make an excellent sheriff for Cass County and I'm proud to offer my full support.

Representative Larry Howes

District 4B