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Letter: HIC welcomes new interim exec. director

Headwaters Intervention Center (HIC), serving victims of domestic violence in Hubbard (Battered Women's Services) and Clearwater (Family Crisis Center) Counties is pleased to welcome Chris Swenson as the Interim Executive Director. In an agreement with the Family Safety Network (FSN) serving victims of domestic violence in Cass County, they will provide the services of Chris, half-time, to HIC, giving the two organizations time to develop a merger of their programs into the future. HIC would like to express deep appreciation to Audrey Iverson for returning to serve us so ably as IED for the past nearly three months.

Chris was a volunteer advocate for HIC for several years under former ED, Audrey Iverson. Audrey assisted Cass County to develop their own program over 20 years ago. Chris became the ED 10 years ago. She and her husband, Kerry, make their home in Nevis.

Both HIC and FSN are in the process of adding staff to provide additional legal advocacy and direct services to the clients served by their agencies. Annually, the agencies have served more than 500 victims of domestic violence and their families.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It's a sobering time to reflect on the impact that domestic violence has over the lifetime of one out of three women and their families. Their communities, workplace, health care services, Law Enforcement and justice systems all know the tragedy of victims being battered by someone who loves them. If you are aware of someone living with domestic violence, please tell them that you are concerned for them and that help is available by calling HIC at 732-7413 or the crisis line at 800-939-2199.

Florence Hedeen, Chair

Headwaters Intervention Center Board of Directors

Park Rapids