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Letter: Health care reform begins to take effect

Even the most expensive "Cadillac" health insurance policies have as their primary incentive denying, delaying or dropping coverage. And even if you can afford the best plan for yourself and your family (and you get what you pay for), what about your friends and neighbors whose employers don't cover them or cannot afford coverage? Do we say "never mind" to them?

The changes included in the sweeping health care bill will be implemented incrementally and will be adjusted as they take effect. We can do that. The private sector, with more customers (and more accountability), will continue to administer the insurance for those under 65 and non-military. The government will continue to administer Medicare, VA and military plans. The reforms could have been more powerful and applied more quickly, but I am grateful that we are beginning to address the inequity and inefficiencies in our current system.

Aaron Kjenaas

Park Rapids