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Letter: Green’s ‘no’ attitude increases AIS threat

Rep. Steve Green would have you believe he has been working at the legislature to fight aquatic invasive species. The truth is far from it.

In 2013, Green was a party-line “no” vote on every major budget bill, including the bill that provided revenue needed to finally balance our state budget. That also includes voting “no” on critical funding to fight aquatic invasive species. Then in 2014, he voted “no” some more – including on the legacy bills–which have made further investment in resources to fight AIS. (If you’re seeing a theme, he votes “no” on just about everything).

Green did vote for a tax bill in 2014 that included AIS funding – but that was only possible because we had a budget surplus – a budget surplus that never would have happened if Steve Green had his way. (Remember, he voted “no” on the balanced budget).

The reality is that Steve Green, the “no” man, is an extreme “no” vote on most issues. Steve Green’s extreme political agenda comes first. What we need in St. Paul is a state representative who can work with the rest of the legislature and put our rural communities and all of Minnesota ahead of extreme political agendas.

Aquatic invasive species are steadily spreading through Minnesota lakes and rivers threatening our recreation, our economy, our environment and everything that is good about our Minnesota way of life. Help preserve our lakes and rivers and the good life in Minnesota by not voting for Steve Green, the “no” man. Instead, vote for David Sobieski this November. As your state representative in House District 2B, Sobieski’s agenda will be what’s best for Minnesota and you!

Mary Hansen