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Letter: Green is unusual and a real ‘keeper’

The annual famous BBQ Rib Dinner benefiting Living at Home at the Park Rapids American Legion Club on Friday evening, Nov. 1 was an absolute culinary delight as usual. I never miss going to it.

Area political figures are often seen going from table to table at benefit dinners, interrupting the eager eaters to pump their hands and to announce who they are and that they would appreciate their vote. As I went through the serving line, I was surprised to see a familiar face ... that of a REAL public servant. Without any fanfare or publicity, I saw Steve Green, our State Representative for House District 2B, in his everyday mode of REALLY serving the people, serving BBQ ribs to the people. Knowing Steve Green and his deep and humble respect for the fact that our representatives are here to serve the people and not the other way around, I was not surprised to see him in this service mode.

Please remember this when he comes up for re-election. Steve Green is unusual and a real “keeper.”

Chuck Fuller

Park Rapids