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Letter: Green is endorsed GOP candidate

Steve Green is the endorsed Republican Candidate for State Representative of District 2B.

Steve and his wife, Cindy, raised their six children on the family farm near Fosston. He is a Pro-Life Christian conservative with a concern not only for his children's families' futures in rural Minnesota, but for all of us.

He knows that the high taxes in our state do nothing to encourage new businesses of any size to move to Minnesota. We need a business-friendly climate to bring new businesses here and to support businesses already here that are struggling to survive; that includes not only manufacturing, retail and tourism, but agricultural, as well. This must happen so that Minnesota will be able to offer a secure future to all residents.

Steve Green has experience as a business owner, as a township officer and he currently serves on the Minnesota Association of Townships. He is fully aware that as a representative of District 2B, he would be going to St. Paul, not to serve an agenda of his own, not to become a career politician, but to serve all of the residents of our District.

Steve Green is a man of integrity. He is a man who will be representing all the residents of this district. I will be voting for him in the Aug. 14 primary. I ask that you do, too.

Rita Boyce

Park Rapids