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Letter: Greater PR area is a fine place to be

Who would have thought - block off a street for music in downtown Park Rapids.  And that's just an example of the entertainment venues in the 'greater' PR area.

There's Wood Tick, Jasper's, Long Lake Theater, Northern Light Opera, rodeos, Legends and Logging, and the list goes on.  Or take in a flick at a quality remodeled small town theater or, chase the little round orb on one of several finely manicured golf courses.

Then there is always the opportunity to wet a line in one of the still pristine lakes.  What's next, with the Armory project and now the 'wreck' development?   Match this with the widest fine dining options imaginable - from fast food and burgers to Italian, etc. - and it just doesn't get any better.  In addition, one can find a church of your faith within the area.

Maybe some of those politicos with all their negative rhetoric should spend some time in God's country to get a flavor of how good it can be.  Positively Park Rapids!

Gary L. Gauldin

Park Rapids