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Letter: GRAD test report shows low scores

I'm a little confused. Over the last year during the school bond referendums and contract negotiations we have been told what a great reputation Menahga school has. That it's a big reason for our open enrollment.

At the June 21 school board meeting another story came to light. Results of the annual spring GRAD tests reported by Mary Klamm told a different story. Menahga was below state average in reading, writing, and math. How can we be below state average?

When I was in school average was a "C". What has happened? I would score this a C-, D, and a definite F in math. Menahga scored a 52 in math while the state average was 72! This is really sad. With all the money poured into the school I would expect more. Just where does all this money go? We are failing our students. Who is taking responsibility? What are we doing about it?

Shouldn't we be getting to the root of the problem and helping our students instead of spending so much time trying to pass another referendum. The taxpayers have sent a clear message twice by voting no. I feel like I'm being bullied! Doesn't the school have an anti-bullying policy? Do you think putting Million$ into a new Gym will solve all our problems? Dream on. It's time to put the emphasis on basic academics.

Jon Kangas

Blueberry Township