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Letter: Getting tired of the Great Bloviator

I wrote recently about the Great Divider. That dividing hasn't stopped and the Arizona intervention is the evidence.

Aren't we all tiring if hearing of the government takeover of auto companies, student loans, TARP, national health care has been usurped, designated banks pumped up with funding and the constant barrage of bad news. Who takes credit for saving America from itself and blames previous administrations when this administration fails to deliver campaign promises?

The Great Bloviator. Bloviation defined is to orate verbosely and windily in a pompous and boastful manner. Anyone you know?

In November, the personal pronoun I and the adjective my need to be changed to the pronoun we. All have heard of my attorney general, my secretary of state, my administration. It soon will be we have changed the format to our as in "we the people want our country back and intend on doing that at the ballot box."

Change at the federal level evolves but change at a local level and involving federal congressmen occurs swiftly. I call for swift change this November on representatives that have not consistently voted with me and we. That starts with Jim Oberstar.

Oberstar voted yes on Wall Street reform, yes on national health care, yes on extended unemployment compensation, yes on auto industry financing and restructuring, yes on redeployment (leaving) Iraq. He voted no on funding in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wall Street reform translates to us as additional expense as when dealing with our local banks and national brokerage agencies. National health care congressional voting was against 60 plus percent of America and was done behind closed doors on a Christian holiday evening.

Federalizing GM was done at taxpayers' expense, for the benefits of the trade unions and selected just two companies as beneficiaries. Time certain for leaving a war sets a time table for the enemy and by de-funding an Army hamstrings their chance for victory. Lastly, extending unemployment creates a welfare mentality and fails to deal with the underlying condition of a failed economy. This is a picture of our congressman.

Time for a change.

Jack Schultz

Park Rapids