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Letter: Get out and vote this November

Well it's that time of the year again when soon the trees will be bare, a little nip in the air and you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the morning in your favorite chair!

Then like a cold slap in the face we will have to deal with all the political ads all over the place!

We will get it rammed down our throat, that if you're 18 it's your duty to go vote!

Do us all a favor and go read up and learn some facts unless you like your town run by a bunch of hacks!

Please don't vote if you don't check on the issues, for you will be like the City of Nevis, crying like babies with tissues!

Vote for a reason not because someone that wants your vote, tells you if you don't its like treason!

To wrap it up have a great late summer and fall and please know who you're voting for because the results do matter!

Craig Lundeen