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Letter: Freedom through bills and laws

Are we all willing to make changes in government? Bills proposed by you for a change. Your own thoughts of a change you want to see. Any subject will be fine – your own personal care and concern about the way you want a bill.

We have heard people say there should be a law against that or for that problem. But then they do not go forward to try and get a bill that will change into that law they wanted.

If no one does anything, government as we know it will die. Then, our freedoms are taken away more and more until there is no common good left. We will do it later, everyone said.

A meeting of the Freedom, Liberty and Alliance group will be from 7-9 p.m. Monday, April 15 at the Park Rapids Area Library basement to discuss freedom through bills. If you miss this meeting, another will be in May.

Bonny Disselbrett

Freedom, Liberty, Alliance group leader