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Letter: Farewell to Hubbard County community

Tempus fugit is a Latin phrase meaning “time flies.” And my 12 years of pastoral ministry has flown so quickly that I am now stepping into a “semi-retirement” mode at age 70! Bishop Victor Balke assigned me to come serve the Catholic parishes in Eastern Hubbard County on July 1, 2001. This area includes Laporte, Lake George, Akeley, Dorset, Nevis and the 100 plus lakes dotting our Hubbard County landscape.

It has been a delightful grace and pleasure to develop relationships and friendships among the people who live here in Hubbard County as well as those lucky few who “summer” here or “vacation” here. I was blessed by this pastoral assignment. Just as Evergreen saplings grown into stately trees over a 12-year span of time, so has our talented and diverse “community spirit” grown. And our vigorous networking among all service organizations and church communities is an inspiration to many folks and manifests God’s redeeming and renewing graces.

Let’s “keep our eyes on the hopeful horizon” as we journey forward together as God’s daughters and sons. Living life enthusiastically and with courage is like canoeing the rapids in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. In other words, keep your balance. Keep your paddles in the water. Wear your lifejacket. Sing as your paddle. And praise God for the wondrous experience of life and faith. As pastor I leave these parishes on Sept. 30 but my heart shall remain!

Farewell, my dear friends. My new address as a resident chaplain at the retirement community is:

Fr. Duane Fribula

c/o Riverview Place

5220 12th Street South #201C

Fargo, N.D. 58104

Fr. Duane Pribula

Fargo, N.D.