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Letter: Facts show Voter ID is important

The amendment on the ballot this year that asks if we want to require picture IDs when voting seems like such a no-brainer. Better identification means fewer headaches for election judges on Election Day, right? Right. However, I have heard so many people talk about all the costs, all the folks who wouldn't be able to get a picture ID, how there really isn't that much voter fraud, etc.

I saw a vote yes sign and it had a website on it, I checked it out. I'm glad I did. It confirmed my first instinct of the requirement for picture ID being a no-brainer.

Did you know that Minnesota ranks first in the nation for voter fraud convictions? 200 convictions! I haven't heard Minn. Sec. of State Mark Ritchie mention that "minor" detail when he was trying to change the wording of the amendment on the ballot. Oh, and the voter fraud wasn't found by our system. It was discovered through the efforts of a non-profit organization.

There are a lot more facts to see that correct the myths of how expensive this will be for everyone and also how many people just wouldn't be able to get one.

It's always better to make decisions based on facts. Check out the website. Then you will see how important it is to vote yes on requiring a picture ID.

Patricia Crabb