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Letter: Facts about Menahga open enrollment

At the Menahga Midsummer celebration the school had a booth for information on the building project. I observed superintendent Klamm and some board members giving false information about the open enrollment laws. I challenged them but they continued, claiming if you have one child open enrolled you must allow all siblings to enroll also. They repeatedly said it is law. My claims were later substantiated by a local businessman's letter in the paper (a vocal supporter of the school). He said the children were "grandfathered in."

In their position they need to know the facts. Intentional or not, misleading the public is wrong! And even prominent citizens are falling for it.

Afterwards, via e-mail communications Mary denied making the claims. Soon an admission was made but another excuse was offered. "We had it confused with the charter school law." At a compensation package of nearly $150,000 a year you do not make those mistakes. We can't afford it. But guess what? It's not in the charter school law either! Both laws clearly state the school can limit open enrollment by class, grade, program, or building capacity. The law is easy reading. You don't need an interpreter.

On Tuesday, July 20 I was called by Wadena County. It seems a complaint was lodged by the Menahga school district office about the "Vote No" signs that people have been placing on their own property. (Funny they would point the finger at me). Don't they have better things to do with their time, and all at taxpayer expense?

Jon Kangas

Blueberry Township