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Letter: Exposing the truth at the capitol

The Enterprise accepted, during an interview with the DFL Majority Leader in the May 31 Enterprise, economic statistics that do not stand the test of truth. First, using January statistics for unemployment and comparing those to the present rate is totally disingenuous. Hubbard County unemployment balloons up to over 10 percent every winter of every recent year.

What you should have done is compare the quoted current rate of 7.7 percent unemployment that Erin Murphy touted as progress against the statistics for June of 2013. Unemployment at this same time last year was 6.7 percent. If these statistics are accurate, that means that there are an additional 100 people in Hubbard County unemployed this year who were working last year at this time. This

100 additional (of the total 700 unemployed in Hubbard County) are part of the 4,200 statewide who lost jobs this spring (as pointed our by Rep Steve Green). That’s economic progress?

Murphy also stated that the DFL legislature had “invested” 140 million taxpayer dollars for relief to some property owners! Giving us back money that we were overcharged in the first place is NOT an investment and is not progress. Just lower the state tax rates and stop wasting our money. What the DFL is doing is nothing less than socialistic income leveling.

Murphy also stated that making 5-year-old children sit in a classroom all day, vice the half day that has been traditional for the past 100 years, is also progress. That must mean that all of us who attended only half-day kindergarten, were underprivileged and went through a system that was non-progressive! How did we ever succeed?

Murphy also talked with pride of all the additional spending the DFL legislature pushed through this year. Representative Steve Green noted in his letter to the editor, additional spending over the next two years will exceed one billion dollars. So, as I see it, we are going to collect less taxes from some taxpayers (property tax relief), have over 4000 new unemployed non-taxpayers who are most likely on public relief, are spending an additional 1 Billion dollars over the next two years, all during a period where the national economy has flat-lined to nearly zero growth and the housing market has again begun to soften nationwide. That’s progress?

The Obama Administration’s new Carbon Policies and opposition to coal/oil/gas production and nuclear power, will inevitably drive up the cost of electricity and other hydro-carbon fuels. This at the same time prices for all goods and services are exploding; food, rubber/car tires, propane, heating oils, public transportation, shipping etc. Since 2000, reports of commodity price increases are astounding; energy costs have risen 260 percent, metals by 176 per cent and food prices by 120 per cent. In this type of environment, it is the wrong time for our legislators to go on a spending spree and they must realize that trying to stimulate growth by excessive government spending never works.

Had this disclosure by Murphy and Green been handled fairly, the Enterprise would have had side-by-side op-eds on your editorial page. That would have been much more likely to expose what is truly going on at the state capital.

John Clauer

Park Rapids