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Letter: Environment is top of mind for Enbridge

For 65 years, Enbridge has been focused on safe and reliable energy transportation. Environmental protection is important to the company as a whole, but also on a more personal level, it is important to the more than 400 of us who work for Enbridge and call Minnesota home. Along with hundreds of other Minnesota-based contractors, suppliers and vendors, we value the rich natural resources of our state and are building energy infrastructure with their preservation in mind.

Enbridge plans to replace our existing Line 3, as well as construct the Sandpiper Pipeline project, a new pipeline from Tioga, N.D., to Superior, Wis. Together with others in the state, we have a collective obligation for responsible and thoughtful development that meets our energy needs while at the same time protecting our treasured resources.

Safeguarding the environment is important to all of us. When Enbridge proposes a project, we are careful to design the project with environmental resources in mind. Minnesota is a water-rich state, making collaboration with each state and local agency imperative for route development to ensure that applicable state and federal standards are met, the environment is protected and the necessary environmental review processes are followed.

Our lives depend on the safe and reliable delivery of energy. Since 1949, Enbridge pipelines have delivered the energy we need to fuel our vehicles and manufacture countless things we use in our everyday lives, including computers, carpet, phones, seat belts and tires, medical supplies, shampoo, glasses, car seats and more. The list is practically endless. All of this means a more secure energy future for the U.S. is a necessity.

Enbridge cannot and will not ignore the Line 6B release in Michigan in 2010. It was one of the worst days in our company’s history. From the beginning, Enbridge committed to the restoration of the Kalamazoo River and the communities affected by the release. Many local community members will tell you that the Kalamazoo River look as good as or better than before the incident. New parks and facilities built and paid for by Enbridge also give residents and tourists more ways to enjoy the river.

Our commitment goes beyond Michigan. We have substantially increased our pipeline integrity management program, spending more than $900 million since 2011. We have doubled the number of employees and contractors dedicated to leak detection and pipeline control. We enhanced the pipeline control and leak protection functions and operate a state-of-the-art control system that is designed to automatically begin safe pipeline shutdown if an abnormal pressure loss or surge is experienced. We are also using the most advanced technology, materials and construction techniques to ensure our new pipelines are safe and reliable for years to come.

Minnesota’s natural resources are a state treasure for us all to enjoy, explore and preserve. Our commitment is to develop, construct and operate safe and reliable energy infrastructure. We welcome questions and comments about the project. Please contact us at 855-788-7805 or by email at

Lee Monthei

Vice President, Major Projects

Execution for Enbridge