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Letter: Enbridge’s pipeline plan not feasible

Per the story in the June 4, 2014 Enterprise. Enbridge: your plan does not meet our purposes – clean water and unblemished environment. Therefore it is unacceptable.

By the way, you lied to us by omission. Now we find out that you have two side-by-side pipelines scheduled for the route through Minnesota. How many more will you be sneaking in there in the future? By the way, the Enterprise story mentioned that the oil would ship from Superior through the Great Lakes to East Coast “and international countries.” So, what the implications are – the oil is not destined for U.S. consumption, but to enrich your profits from overseas sales.

That’s just great. We can’t trust you. So, will the state cave in to your proposal? Probably, they’re blind to the environmental impact. Seems like what one large outstate corporation wants supercedes the desires of their own citizens.

Noel Allard

Straight River Townshi