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Letter: Enbridge comments are arrogant

How arrogant of you as representatives of Enbridge Oil to state “We’re definitely hearing the concerns and that’s why we’re out” and “We want to be a part of the conversation.” This is BS and you know it!

Your comment that oil will move to markets whether or not the PUC approves the Sandpiper line, shows just how arrogant you are! Superior is not a hub to transport oil to other parts of the country. It’s to transport oil overseas and you know it. Your claim of an improved and sophisticated monitoring system does not hold water. Just ask those affected by your many spills, Kalamazoo, Mich., for example.

Don’t insult this community with your pretense of caring, the only thing you care about is profits not people. You are right about one thing though, this is a beautiful area and everyone has the right to protect it. And we will!

Jacci Hadfield

Park Rapids